Maternity Photography

Angie loves to capture the bond, excitement, love, and the joy of creation in stunning maternity shoots. Capturing the true beauty of an incredible time in your life. Angie infuses her maternity shoots with love and anticipation, in tasteful and flattering photo’s that will be invaluable keepsake.

We offer both studio and location shoots, with props, flowers and fabrics, or amazing sunsets on location.  We capture the beautiful glow of mother with child in the last few weeks of pregnancy. We prefer to shoot maternity at approx 36 weeks , when possible. We love it your partner can be there for the photo’s too.

We can offer great prices on art mounts and canvases or just supply the edited images on disk for your use. Each portrait is for up to 30 minutes and includes high resolution, superbly edited images on disk. Angie’s passion for perfection is evident in her editing, all images are edited and retouched by only Angie herself, guaranteeing an exceptional finish.

Angie’s maternity shoots are pieces of art that allows the intense emotion and true beauty of pregnancy to shine through. Photographs often capture what words cannot describe. We hope you will choose Angie to be a part of your life-changing event.

Angie Branch Maternity Photography